Thank you for your interest in BEworks!

BEworks is a purpose-driven organization: our shared goal is to propel society and the economy forward through scientific thinking. Behavioral science offers useful insight into how people make decisions and the scientific method provides a powerful means of evaluating strategies. We believe that this will lead policy makers and business leaders to better decision-making processes that are beneficial to society. BEworks is seeking team members who subscribe to the vision of the importance of scientific thinking and are keen to apply it to real-world challenges.


Our Portfolio

As a management consulting firm, our projects provide innovative solutions to complex problems. We tackle classic marketing challenges such as product development, acquisition, retention, pricing, loyalty, brand and value proposition development, and up/cross-selling; we optimize processes such as client onboarding and experience, collections/fraud, and risk management; and we improve employee decision-making, hiring practices, and motivation systems (compensation models).


The Practice Associate’s Role

This position offers candidates the chance to work with a passionate and accomplished team. As a BEworks Associate, your analytical, inter-personal, creative thinking, business management, and leadership skills will be called upon from day one. Every day is different, but a sample of the things you can expect to tackle includes:

Leading and Supporting Management Consulting projects:

  • Client Discovery: evaluating data, uncovering client assumptions, understanding their knowledge, intuition, and priors; auditing their experimental capability
  • Research: gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing information and existing scientific research, including insights drawn from BEworks’ proprietary IP database
  • Experimentation: supporting the design and building of both large and small scale randomized control experiments of rigorous quality and exceptionally high standards (peer review and academic advisors provide guidance to ensure robustness of designs and analyses)
  • Analytics (R, Python, and/or SPSS): ability to manage, organize, and analyze large, complex data sets (multiple variables, multiple time periods)
  • Client Engagement: ensuring that clients receive a high level of service through the co-development of client reports, participating in/delivering presentations, teaching/explaining scientific research to clients, and overall project management (our timelines are very aggressive compared to standard academic practice). Our philosophy on client management is that even the scientist who has been in the basement for the last ten years with rabbits, rats, or chimps as lab mates can speak to business clients. How, you might ask, when the languages of science and business are so different and domain-specific? Our methodology is pedagogical and open-box in nature, meaning we collaborate closely with our clients and teach them to think and speak scientifically, thereby establishing a common ground (and hopefully establishing the groundwork for societal transformation). And so it is through this process that our team can comfortably shift from working in one domain to another. We don’t prioritize developing domain expertise; we leverage our expertise in human psychology and rely on our client’s data, knowledge, and intuition paired with our IP and scientific methods to get the best of all worlds.


Other aspects of the job include:

  • Grunt work (doing what needs to be done), preparing proposals (requires scientific expertise because our solutions rely on academic research and experimental design), hiring (candidates are evaluated and elected by peers through a back-end grading system), writing (this is an area in which we need a boost for academic journals, industry journals, internally-published white papers), and provide ongoing internal peer review through a rigorous, but collaborative academic approach.


Our Culture

Culture is incredibly important benefit of being a part of BEworks.

  • Comradery is intense: it very much is a “day-family” environment. Most days we eat lunch together and invest highly in “fun.” Our team includes a number of friendly dogs.
  • Curiosity: We are curious and love to learn; most days of the week are Lunch and Learns with visiting scholars, technology wizards, and entrepreneurs, as well as our own research and musings.
  • Collaboration is critical: it is a supportive environment where your ideas will be challenged and your work will be supported.
  • Pride: The team at BEworks is incredibly proud of who we are, what we’ve accomplished, and the mission we are on.


The following is a list of general qualifications required for the Practice Associate role.


PhD, psychology (preferably social, cognitive, or consumer), marketing, or judgment and decision making, ideally with post-doc experience, possibly with commercial and/or consulting experience; and/or marketing (with a focus on consumer behavior); and/or economics (but with a passion for empirical behavioral research). Strong research methods capabilities for leading the design of complex, multi-staged multivariate RCTs and strong statistical knowledge are essential.

Yes, a PhD is mandatory for Practice Associates. These are senior roles.

If you do not have a PhD but have a deep passion for and knowledge of behavioral science, our other roles include:

  • Research Associates, although preference is given to PhDs, these roles are dedicated to research, project management, and analytic support
  • Growth Associates: these roles drive proposals, media relations, conference presentations, and our public relations strategy; preference is given to candidates with at least a BSc, psychology
  • Business Team: for experts in operations, human resources, IT, and finance
  • BEworks Interns: This is our wild-card qualifications role. We accept people from a variety of backgrounds such as tenured business executives interested in a career change, PhD candidates, MBAs, and even a few high school students. What's common is the deep passion for behavioral economics and the firm. BEworks looks to hire it’s best interns into full-time roles.

Regardless of the role, the application link is the same; we will sort your application into the best-fit role based on your qualifications.



  • High energy, self-starter who possesses a strong commitment to excellence
  • Ability and desire to work in a highly collaborative (and frankly, sometimes noisy) team
  • A voracious appetite for learning
  • Willingness to go the extra mile
  • A solid team player who is also an independent thinker



Deadline driven, organized, and able to multi-task
Strong verbal, written, and presentation skills are important

Please note:

  • We welcome and encourage you to apply even if you do not think you might meet all the specified qualifications above. We function as a highly collaborative team, and so we work with each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Must be legally eligible to work in Canada (however, we are starting to identify candidates for our future 2018/2019 offices in Palo Alto and NYC. If this is of interest to you, please identify yourself in the application process, so we can archive your application and check in with you when we are ready to expand).


About the Application Process

BEworks does not engage in a standard interview process nor do we rely heavily on resumes. Those methods are prone to bias. Instead we have engineered a Moneyball process which we have used for the last several years. It is time-consuming for you (and us), but so far it has yielded an incredibly powerful and beautifully diverse team. This means there is some burden on you, dear applicant, for your time without any guarantee of success. We appreciate your consideration and hope that in the interest of science (and your interest in the team), you will please allow us the indulgence of your precious time.

Scientifically yours,

The BEworks Team

Interested candidates should begin our application process here: 

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